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Laws on search and seizure in Texas are continuously changing. For people who are not familiar with the criminal system in Texas, it can be confusing to fully understand the legal issues that arise with search and seizure. In many criminal cases, illegal search and seizure can be a strong defense. If you are facing criminal charges in Texas, you need a knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey C. Grass, we approach criminal cases from a comprehensive standpoint — always working toward achieving the best possible outcome.

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Changes in the law now give law enforcement more leverage in the search and seizure process. Attorney Jeffrey Grass has over 20 years of experience in the area of criminal law and has handled cases involving illegal search and seizure of motor vehicles, situations involving home entries and more. He continuously stays informed with changing case law and legislation, and knows how to prepare a strong and effective defense.

Legal issues can arise in many different types of criminal situations. What many people do not initially realize is how their case is affected by illegal search and seizure, and what their rights are. It is of the utmost importance that you are represented by a Plano criminal defense lawyer who understands these issues.

We help people in cases involving:

  • Street encounters (issues arise because of distinctions between consensual contracts, reasonable suspicion based on stops, bad stops, and probable cause based on arrests)
  • Stop and frisk (issues involving the principles of stop and frisk, and the reasonable suspicion definition under Texas law)
  • Arrests (issues as the result of issues between arrests in public places, versus private homes or arrests as the result of a motor vehicle stop)
  • Search incidents to arrest
  • Use of force in stops and arrests
  • Strip searches (issues on when a strip search can be conducted, and the manner in which it can be conducted once authorized)
  • Home entries (issues involving types of entry, search and arrest warrants, entry with consent, protective sweets and many more)
  • Property seizure (issues involving what types of property can be seized, at what point in the investigation it can be seized and when someone can get property back)
  • Miranda rights (issues involving changes in when your Miranda rights are read, and whether or not they were read when they needed to be)

What About Motor Vehicle Searches?

One of the most common situations involving search and seizure issues involve searched vehicles. We routinely defend people facing criminal cases involving illegal search and seizure of vehicles. Our attorney will investigate the circumstances surrounding the stop, determine if there was probable cause for the search, look at the circumstances surrounding the arrest, and how the inventory in the vehicle was obtained.

If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges, contact us for aggressive defense.

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